I have long been a spreadsheet girl. In fact, my husband, Gerald, recently proclaimed at a dinner party that “we are spreadsheet people”. He is right. We live and die by our trip planning checklists. We have a checklist for practically everything. Probably because we are procrastinators; it will be 5 pm on a Friday and we won’t have packed. We simply pull out the list open the bag and slide things in.

I decided that I wanted to up my Google Sheet game; I have long since used Excel but love how easy it is to use and share Google Sheets. As such, I made it my mission to translate my checklists to Google Sheets. Keen to dive in? Access the Google Sheet here! 

The Gear Closet

The main goal with this checklist is to contain an inventory of all the gear I own, allow me to easily add selected items to a list, and calculate the weight. With that in mind, the first sheet you need to know about is the Gear Closet. Within the Gear Closet worksheet, you can log, categorize, and list the weight of each piece of gear you own.

Gear Closet - Google Sheets Checklist

Trip Lists

Once you have logged the contents of your gear room the next step is simply to build lists for the various types of trips you take. For example, in the spreadsheet, you can see examples of different lists that I use.

Within each of these lists, you simply select the category of the item you wish to add, then in the next column, the item itself. The weight is automatically added as you go.

Trip Planning - Google Sheets Gear Checklist

Get Going Yourself

Here you can access a public version of the list I have created. If you would like to keep and modify it for your own use simply click File > Make a Copy. This will save a copy of the publicly available file to your own Google Drive. From there you can edit it and make it your own!

Save a copy of the sheet to your own google drive

Have Suggestions?

Have a suggestion to improve the spreadsheet for everyone? Let me know in the comments!