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Hello and welcome to my blog, Love and Trails! My name is Morgan and I am the author, educator, map creator, chef and inventor around here! Love and Trails was born out of my passion for the outdoors. It is an avenue for me to share my knowledge and skills with others. Through it I hope to inspire others to embark on adventures of their own.


Collection of Backpacking Stoves to test

The Stove Test 2015

Stove Test WindBurnerToday I will be settling the stove debate once and for all. Which ultralight stove is the best you ask? Well that depends on a number of things… I do know however which one I feel is the best. But even with that knowledge each weekend I find myself in a debate with Gerald over which stove to bring backpacking. So to settle it all once and for all I did a little test.

The Stove Test Candidates

  1. MSR Windburner 
  2. MSR Pocket Rocket 
  3. Trangia Alcohol Stove Small 
  4. Trangia Alcohol Stove Large 
  5. Catfood Tin

The Stove Test Rules

  1. Each pot is to contain exactly 1 cup of water at room temperature.
  2. All stoves are to be tested together, at the same time, in the same conditions.
  3. Time is marked when the water reaches my definition of a boil.

The Stove Test Results

The MSR Windburner was confirmed to be epically superior, just as I had expected!

  1. It boiled the water in 1 min and 9 seconds!
  2. It was the most efficient using only 2g of fuel to boil the water!
  3. It was less noisy when compared to the Pocket Rocket (heinously noisy!)

With that said the Trangia cookset still holds up for gourmet cooking applications. The large set did eventually boil water, and its built in wind guard was superior to the little Trangia cookset who was unable to stand up to todays wind conditions without making a wind guard.

  1. MSR Windburner  – 1 min and 9 seconds 2g Fuel
  2. MSR Pocket Rocket  – 1 min and 32 seconds 7g Fuel
  3. Trangia Alcohol Stove Small  – Did not boil with 50g fuel (couldnt stand up to wind in given configuration)
  4. Trangia Alcohol Stove Large  – 9 min and 20 seconds, 28g Fuel
  5. Catfood Tin – Did not boil with 18g fuel (couldnt stand up to wind in given configuration)

Even when you look at the weights of the stoves I still feel that the MSR Windboiler offers great value for the weight. Sure it weight a total of 497g but you can strip the non-essentials off getting it down to 436g which when you compare the fuel savings to other stoves you just cant beat it! Not to mention it is SO fast and convenient!

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